Handwoven Originals by Kristin Bergsten, a variety of handwoven linens such as towels and potholders. 

Items available for purchase include the following:

Variety of mugmats, set of 4 each

Close up photo of hand-dyed twill woven throw blanket (not for sale)

A set of pot holders, set of 2

Periwinkle twill towels in shades of purple

Variety of potholder sets, set of 2

Two blue handwoven towels, one ikat dyed towel, one plaid towel.

Bright and cheerful shades of green plaided twill towels

Two more periwinkle twill towels

Close up photo

Close up photo

Pot holder set of two

Variety of periwinkle twill towels

Hand-dyed twill woven throw blanket (not for sale)

Shades of greens and blues twill pot holders sets of two